Integritas, Consonantia, Claritas
(Wholeness, Harmony, Radiance) This triad of aesthetic principles informs the way we deal with everything at Worlds Fresh Waters PTE. Ltd. & Waters of Patagonia.

These three principles are mentioned in the statement by St. Thomas Aquinas: "AD PULCHRITUDINEM TRIA REQUIRUNTUR: INTEGRITAS, CONSONANTIA, CLARITAS," (Three things are needed for beauty: wholeness, harmony and radiance).

Integritas—"An esthetic image is presented to us either in space or in time. What is audible is presented in time, what is visible is presented in space. But, temporal or spatial, the esthetic image is first luminously apprehended as selfbounded and selfcontained upon the immeasurable background of space or time which is not it. You apprehend it as one thing. You see is as one whole. You apprehend its wholeness." 

Consonantia—"Having first felt that its is one thing you feel now that it is a thing. You apprehend it as a complex, multiple, divisible, separable, made up of its parts, the result of its parts and their sum, harmonious."

Claritas"When you have apprehended it as one thing and have then analysed it according to its form and apprehended it as a thing you make the only synthesis which is logically and esthetically permissible. You see that it is that thing which it is and no other thing. The radiance is the scholastic quidditas, the whatness of a thing." 

From a Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, James Joyce (1909)

At WFW this relates to the simplicity of water as a life sustaining substance; its absolute perfection. It is something that inspires us and allows us to form our ideas of how to handle and distribute this important resource.

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