World's Fresh Waters
subsidiary, Waters of Patagonia S.A., a Chilean corporation, will commence with the shipping of massive amounts of fresh water. This water comes from areas of abundance in remote southern Chile and will be delivered to Northern Chile, to some of the driest areas on Earth. In the northern regions of Chile, water requirements have skyrocketed as a consequence of large mining projects, increased agriculture and human consumption. Supplies of fresh water in Northern Chile continue to dwindle dramatically due to increased aquifer mining, decreased precipitation from climate change and global warming. Waters of Patagonia currently has concessions that exceed 8,000 liters per second. Further concession requests are well advanced and are expected to be granted promptly.

Waters of Patagonia will supply water via a wide range of options from premium half liter bottles to VLB’s (Very Large Bags) with capacities of 425,000 m3, equal to the volume of large supertankers. Waters of Patagonia believes it is the only true new and reliable resource of fresh water available, quick to implement, fully scalable, and with none of the environmental drawbacks associated with desalination and its high energy requirements. Furthermore, the extraordinary quality of the water will have positive consequences for the health of residents in coastal towns and improve quality of life.

For Chile, the delivery of water from South to North allows for more rapid development of mining opportunities which are often heavily dependent on water. Given that mining and mineral projects are the principal contributors to the country’s GNP, this project is a win:win as it also provides employment opportunities for the largely undeveloped areas of the far south.

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